What Other LEGO Zelda Sets Would You Like To See After The Deku Tree?

With this set presumably being the first of a new Lego Zelda line, Team NL sat down to ponder what other Hyrulean landmarks and personalities might make for epic Lego sets in the future…

Kokiri Forest & Lost Woods (Gavin Lane, editor)

I’m still shocked that Nintendo didn’t insist on some quirky new innovation with the Animal Crossing and Zelda sets, but I’m also ecstatic to see this following the lead of the adult-focused NES and Mario 64 ‘?’ Block.

My mind immediately jumps to Ocarina. The Temple of Time would be fine, but the OoT version isn’t all that exciting — I’d rather see a Forest Temple diorama featuring the battle with Phantom Ganondorf or in the Lost Woods with a Skull Kid on the tree stump with a light brick providing a spotlight for Link’s Ocarina solo. An Epona figure is a no-brainer, with some Lon Lon Ranch fences to jump, plus Malon, Talon, and Ingo minifigs. And how about the Clock Tower from Majora’s Mask with the ominous Moon looming overhead?

In fact, seeing Link’s House included in the Deku set and hearing Ollie bemoan the lack of Mido minifigure has got me thinking of character-based expansion packs for the Kokiri Forest section, too. These would be more affordable little kits with a Kokiri minifig and a landscape detail. A little Mido guarding the arch leading to the Deku Tree, the girl sitting on the shop who says ‘Hel-lo!’, the chap struggling in a ring of rocks, a waving Saria with some Rupee-filled grass or something.

There’s no shortage of ideas for the grander sets, but I’d like to see something smaller, too. I’m also busting to see what a Ganondorf minifig would look like.

Dragon Roost Island (Ollie Reynolds, staff writer)

Dragon Roost
Image: Nintendo

I’d be curious as to how Wind Waker’s unique art style would be translated into Lego, but when I started thinking about potential sets, I instantly settled on Dragon Roost Island. Now, I’m under no illusion that something like this would cost a hefty amount of money, but goodness, it would be so cool.

Just imagine it, a complete Lego replica of the island’s overworld, complete with palm trees, bomb flowers, a swirling vortex of smoke atop the volcano, and of course, The Great Valoo himself. With the minifigures, you could have Link, several Rito tribe members, Chuchus, Kargarocs, and heck, even the God of Winds, Zephos. And of course, you’d need to have some sort of speaker to play the iconic Dragon Roost Island theme tune. Yeah, this thing would probably cost at least £500…

You know what, though, I’ll settle for a Lego version of Wind Waker’s Gohma boss battle. That thing is so badass.

Four Giants (Alana Hagues, deputy editor)

Majora's Mask Moon

Yep, this is a very ambitious one, I know, but I want my ideas to be a little crazy. I also want the Temple of Time from OoT, mind you, but I’ll settle for the absolute madness that would be the Four Giants, trying to hold back the Moon from crashing down.

The guardian deities of Termina are central figures in Majora’s Mask, and there are fewer iconic images from that game than the four of them stopping the Moon from destroying the land. This would be one of those builds that wouldn’t have too many gimmicks, honestly — but it would be a complicated one. Four buildable giants — each with a miniature version of the mask that you have to get to free them — and one big moon, perhaps half a moon to keep the cost down.

Other things you could get with this are minigfigures of Link, Skull Kid (although I hope we’ve all seen this amazing Skull Kid build from a few years ago), the Happy Mask Salesman, or the Lunar Children.Maybe, if the Moon is just a half-moon, the flat side could be the location itself with the tree at the centre.

Rito Village (Jim Norman, staff writer)

Rito Village

In truth, there is not a single Zelda location, item, or character that I don’t want to see made out of Lego. So, I’ve tried to be realistic about this. Zora’s Domain? Too wet. Minish Village? Too small. Kara Kara Bazaar? Too much sand (coarse, and rough, and irritating). But Rito Village is a set I can imagine.

Just picture it: a vertical build with the focal, perch-shaped rock at its centre, winding steps with houses (roosts?) on the side, and enough details to fill the Hyrule Historia three times over. Lean into the BOTW theme and give us a Paraglider for the Link minifig. Oh god, there could be a Kass figure! With a tiny accordion! I’m getting more sold on this idea by the minute.

However, what’s more likely to sting my bank balance would be a range of display pieces like the LEGO Helmet range, Infinity Gauntlet, or Star Wars dioramas. My shelves are already buckling under the pressure of the models I currently own, but I’m sure that I could squeeze in a detailed Master Sword, Hylian Shield, or Ocarina. I am a grown-up, after all.

Zelda Wind Waker Book
Image: Nintendo

Something else you’d rather have than any of the above? Stain-glass sage window sets, perhaps? A recreation of the Hyrule Castle stealth garden? Does Jim’s suggestion of a tiny Kass with a tiny accordion beat everything else? Let us know the ideas you like best below.


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